Welcome to the Trowse Parking Initiative.

Hi and thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in this subject. There has already been a lot of interest  and we intend to paraphrase these in a blog (to follow) with the intention of stimulating comments and solutions. This is an issue for the whole of the village and judging by replies so far, some residents would support change and some are vehemently against it. It is our intention to publish all the views we receive and then develop a list of options and potential solutions. There is no agenda here but we feel that as the village becomes more crowded and the roads become busier, it is a good time to understand how the problem affects individual families and by consultation with residents, businesses and organisations who influence our parking issues, explore potential solutions.

This is your opportunity to have your say in a polite constructive way. Please ensure that you are familiar with the content of the pinned post before adding your comments.

Please also help us to survey where residents are parking by clearly displaying your tax disc size decal in all of your cars. Additional ones can be downloaded from this site or requested through the comments box (please ensure you put your address on these!).


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