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Hi and thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in this subject. There has already been a lot of interest  and we intend to paraphrase these in a blog (to follow) with the intention of stimulating comments and solutions. This is an issue for the whole of the village and judging by replies so far, some residents would support change and some are vehemently against it. It is our intention to publish all the views we receive and then develop a list of options and potential solutions. There is no agenda here but we feel that as the village becomes more crowded and the roads become busier, it is a good time to understand how the problem affects individual families and by consultation with residents, businesses and organisations who influence our parking issues, explore potential solutions.

This is your opportunity to have your say in a polite constructive way. Please ensure that you are familiar with the content of the pinned post before adding your comments.

Please also help us to survey where residents are parking by clearly displaying your tax disc size decal in all of your cars. Additional ones can be downloaded from this site or requested through the comments box (please ensure you put your address on these!).


Parking comments received, Digest (February 2018)


James Smerdon (JS): Welcome to the first digest representing February and a summary of the views received. I intend to publish these once a month and apart from sections that identify people they are published in their entirety. I have put some explanatory comments where I have researched the points raised. Please settle down with a glass of something and read through to the end as there is a lot of good relevant stuff in here. Please be mindful of the pinned post before posting your own comments via the form.



I would not support Whitlingham Lane being a freeway JS: clearway)  of no parking.
Cars parked legally are in themselves not a problem to myself.
I would like more regulation and adherence to parking restrictions on days when Norwich football Team play at home.
I think a notice to show availability of parking at the Whitlingham Country Park would be useful at the village end of the lane and information regarding availability of car parking season tickets more widely advertised, these are well priced for an annual permit.
I do not approve of the attitude of County Hall restricting parking on their premises knowing their staff then use nearby residential streets, has Trowse Parish Council discussed the problems this causes with the  County Hall Management?
The parking stipulations nearby suit me and my visitors, what I do not like and which is a problem is the non adherence and abuse of these regulations.

We live on Whitlingham Lane. Legal parking on the Lane is not a problem for us. I feel that commuters parking on the Lane should not be penalised.
I would not support W Lane becoming a freeway, not least because it would further encourage speeding and disadvantage the businesses in Trowse.
The Archery car park at Whitlingham & the sports hall car park are under used – could they be used for commuter & football parking?

would be strongly opposed to making Whitlingham Lane a freeway. It would inconvenience us & visitors, & encourage speeding. The commuter parking there is not a problem, it is a legitimate activity by people trying to make an honest day’s living and perhaps provides extra pairs of eyes for security. Out of hours, the Lane is used by people parking for running, walking and cycling. The Lane also provides parking for users of the businesses in the village.

 (JS) comments: Turning Whitlingham lane into a clearway has been mentioned over the years. A clearway can have various restrictions to it. It can as the name suggests prevent any parking during its length at all times. You can have parking bays within it (ie outside some of the residences ) however these would be unrestricted and therefore not for the sole use of residents. Outside the clearway you could have time restricted parking bays but not within it. An advantage of this would be the prevention of overnight parking and camping within it Unless they can fit in a bay!) Clearway can also be time or day  specific .

The Government have a policy whereby public organisations (such as councils) can only have sufficient parking for a percentage of their workforce to encourage car sharing, cycling, and use of park and rides. They used to provide a dedicated park and ride for their employees taking them direct to County Hall. This has been terminated and although they can still use it they will be taken into the city centre! This situation has been exacerbated further by the closure of satellite council offices around the county meaning that more employees have to travel into county hall more frequently. As you no doubt know employees are restricted to 3 days parking a week although they are often turned away on their parking days as the car parks get full. Our problem is that since we are the closest village with largely unrestricted parking we are an obvious target for the overspill.

The Broadland trust offer attractive rates for employees to take out an annual parking permit but this has a poor take-up . Possibly due to the distance from County hall and the availability of other parking on the lane or in the village.


Today the parking is choker and myself and an other resident are parked on yellows! I’ve observed that the majority of cars parked today are not resident cars (you become aware of who’s are and aren’t) and there are 6 council workers parked here (you can tell as they have badges). Now, I’m aware we now have discs within our display that state we are residents and the letter is also displayed in the shop window, but I don’t think this makes any difference or worries those parking in any way or they may not even be aware of this campaign, which is why I think you need to print a notice and laminate it (I would myself but I don’t have the facilities) and put a few on the railings beside the park and another outside the shop where it has the parking display, to make them aware.

JS comments: We cant put posters in public places as they may require planning permission and make the parish council liable to prosecution.  However there is nothing to stop residents displaying it in their windows and we would encourage them to do so.


It will also be useful to put within the notice for people to kindly be courteous conscious of how they park as people are shocking and each day, there are cars parked badly which if they actually parked sensibly, would free up another space … I see it all the time… so selfish!

Has anyone been in contact with county hall about parking here? I know for a fact they are actually advised to park here and down Whitlingham Lane!!!

There is also a red car that is often parked along the street, however, they live up the other end of Trowse. This is also unfair as it takes up the streets residents parking!

Have the restaurant been contacted also as I know they have a sign advising people to park down here?

JS comments: Unfair as this may be they are perfectly entitled to point people towards unrestricted parking nearby.


My previous concerns also highlight that the continued parking on double yellow lines , by Kirby Road residents ,is in my opinion a safety issue,  as emergency vehicles would be unable to access our properties    speedily and efficiently, in time of need, and it appears that the council are not monitoring this issue.

Last night there were 4 vehicles and the commercial catering vehicle parked on double yellow lines.

In addition residents of “The Street” Trowse  regularly park and  cause obstructions  for pedestrians  by parking on the pavement  near  Barn Meadow Road,  and also on  the bus stop,  again these are motoring offence in my opinion.

The major inconvenience caused to some residents is due to County Hall having more workers with cars and insufficient onsite parking, there is a considerable area of   unused green area at County Hall, why do they not convert this to parking?

The issue of new housing mentioned on the web site is a red herring, these new house occupiers will be residents of the village and hopefully the builders will ensure that there is sufficient parking in the “build”

I believe that the first step forward is to ensure residents park legally and conscientiously in the village before we can expect visitors to do the same.

I am writing to voice my concerns regarding the suggestion of permit parking in Trowse.  I am surprised why this is being proposed as  I have lived in Trowse for 8 years and have never had  difficulty finding a space for my car or for my visitors.  I lived on Russell Terrace for more than 6 years and was so pleased it wasn’t permit parking. I may not have always parked right outside my house but always found a space close by, as did my numerous visitors. Although I now have a driveway, either myself or my husband park on the road also and again have never experienced any difficulty finding a space almost opposite our house.  Plus I have spoken to so many neighbours and other residents and not one are in favour of permit parking…….?

One of the many lovely things about Trowse is how open and accessible it is for non residents. It is wonderful to see people coming to Trowse for a walk around our special village, often with dogs, or families coming to play in the park. If there was no parking around the park or woods, they wouldn’t come. I think Match Days bring an excitement to the air and I love to see the crowds of families on their way to or from Carrow Road.  We would lose this if permit parking was introduced and I would also hate to think of the impact on our village amenities; the local shop, pubs & restaurant.

I don’t like the idea of numerous parking signs being erected or traffic wardens roaming the village constantly which would be the only way of controlling a permit system.

Added to this is the cost implications to the villagers and council. Why should we have to pay to park in our village or to pay for our friends/family to visit us or pay for the costs associated with the controls?

I have never seen permit parking in a Norfolk village and especially don’t want to see it in my chosen location to live! Yes, it is rare to have a village so close to the city centre and of course this attracts through traffic and people using it to park cars. But a village atmosphere with Norwich on its doorstep is part of what makes Trowse such a special place to live and long may it remain so.  I would sympathise with anyone who is experiencing constant parking difficulty but I am struggling to see this is the majority of the residents and for the reasons I mention am opposed to permit parking being introduced to our village.

Although I am completely opposed to permit parking on Kirby Road and in Trowse generally,  there does need to be some creative solutions explored with regard to visitor parking. If we had an allocated visitor parking area within the village – maybe on the bays in Devon Way which could also be extended or using some of the area at the top of Kirby Road and Julian Drive some of which could be given over to a parking area if residents agreed.  Not sure if either of these would be doable but Trowse does need to find ways of freeing up more parking as the current situation can only get worse.

We would want our parish council to model a welcoming approach to both visitors and new residents. It is a good thing that Trowse’s proximity to Carrow Road and the city can be enjoyed by many people. Strong communities are inclusive and outward-looking.


JS comments: as explained on the flyer pack and on this website, this is not a proposal for permit parking, it is an open agenda to discuss how we deal with parking in our village.

The website suggests the issue is caused by council staff and football fans. I agree that Council staff clog up Whitlingham Lane but they don’t park in the village to a material extent. I dont think it is a concern for residents except if they live on Whitlingham Lane. Football is a pain for a couple of hours once every two weeks for 9 months of the year, again i dont think its a big issue for many.

The consistent difficulty with parking in the Common area is caused by the restaurant, common, school, Manor Room and church having no parking facilities. The pub car park is also not big enough when it has an event. I suggest these issues take priority over football days and council staff. The fact the parking problem is much worse in the evening also suggests the proximity to the city centre is not relevant.


The church is planning to put a car park on the common. I’m disappointed they aren’t willing to share this facility. The PC needs to persuade them to allow this. That would make a big difference in the evening when the problem is greatest.

The bowling green is hardly ever used. Who owns it? How long in the lease? Next break clause? That space could be put to much better use, even if not parking. Access is not great but it’s a waste at the moment.

When the primary school is moved part of the site should be designated for parking as part of s106, with the developer required to provide a endowment for future upkeep.

Explore if there is any way the pub’s car park could be better utilised when quiet. It knows when it has events, could restaurant staff, residents, park there on quiet nights?

Ask the venues that cause the problem to provide solutions.

I don’t want permits, and I don’t think it will be possible whilst you have facilities in the village but nowhere viable for them to park except the road. They have no option.

JS comments: These are the comments received since the start of the campaign. I have removed some parts to protect anonymity but have kept the essence the same. If you have got this far then thank you and please feel free to add your views or solutions in a respectful way being mindful of thew pinned post above. Im sure it will be a shorter digest next month but hopefully we will have some ideas to explore.


Displaying Parking decals on your cars

A big Plea!  Could as many of you as possible please display the tax disc sized decal  on your windscreen. We are currently surveying where Trowse residents are parking and being displaced (particularly when this results in them being forced to park illegally). Extra discs can be downloaded from here or email me at jamessmerdon@yahoo.co.uk with your address and ~I will drop some round. I will even fix it on for you!


Respectful behaviour on this site

This is a site with full public access and is a temporary site to promote the debate around parking in Trowse. Please be mindful that residents from different parts of the village are likely to have different views and will be affected in different ways. Please respect this. We also have to be cognisant that restrictions in one part of the village are likely to affect other areas. This site is here to allow residents to express their views freely and openly. Any abusive or disrespectful comments or behaviour will be removed by the site moderators. Emails sent will be paraphrased, posted anonymously on a monthly basis. There is a facility for comments to then be submitted via a form on the site. We are currently looking to make this direct without the need for the form.